Jag & Wolf Present Shopify For Beginners

Learn how to build a shopify store from start to finish

Our Shopify For Beginners Course Our Shopify for Beginners course will help you gain a comprehensive understanding of the following: How to build a Shopify store from scratch? Shopify user interface How to improve your store and add various apps and integrations? Best practices to optimize your Shopify store Valuable tips and tricks for Shopify How to run an e-commerce business?

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Learning Shopify UI

    • Welcome To Shopify Beginners

    • How To Add Products

    • Basics Of Collections

    • How to Pick A Theme

    • How To Customize A Theme

    • Building & Generating Pages

    • How To Create A Menu

    • Menu Exercise & Linking

    • Checkout & Payment Gateways

    • Shopify Taxes UI

    • Shopify Shipping UI

    • Marketing Overview

    • Analytics Overview

    • Customers Overview

    • Discounts Overview

    • Shopify App Store

  • 2

    Building A Shopify Store

    • Start & Sign-up for Shopify

    • Add Your Products - Introduction To Copy AI

    • Creating Pages

    • Creating Menus

    • Purchasing a Shopify Theme

    • Customizing Your Theme

    • Create Collections

    • Install & intro To Google Analytics

    • Install & Intro Into Tidio Live Chat

    • Install & Intro To Microsoft Clarity

    • How To Check Real Website Speed?

    • View J&W Recommended Apps & Services

    • Please View Our Recommended Apps

    • Please View Our Client Success Training Sources

    • Shopify Requirements For Your Online Store

    • Make Sure Your Online Store Has Trust